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Privacy policy governing the use of personal data

This Privacy Policy explains how BETTINA VERMILLON uses personal data provided by you (THE CUSTOMER), or collected from other sources, and explains your rights regarding the use of such data, in accordance with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR establishes several general principles governing the use of personal data. The data must be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. Data must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is strictly necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. Data shall not be kept longer than strictly necessary and shall be processed in an adequate manner to ensure their security.

BETTINA VERMILLON is a company 'responsible for the processing' of personal data as defined by the RGPD. This means that BETTINA VERMILLON determines how personal data is used ('processed'), and is therefore responsible for ensuring that such data is processed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the GDPR. In some cases, BETTINA VERMILLON 'processes' such data internally. In other cases, trusted third party companies carry out the processing for us. The term 'processing' covers the entirety of what may be done with the data, including the simple act of accessing it or reading it on a screen.

BETTINA VERMILLON's 'data controller' can be contacted by email at for example if you wish to assert the rights to your personal data set out in section B, below.

BETTINA VERMILLON processes personal data with these purposes:

Business development (direct marketing, and customer management)
The execution of customer orders
B1: Business development

The legal basis for processing personal data is the pursuit of BETTINA VERMILLON's legitimate interests. BETTINA VERMILLON's legitimate purposes are:

B1.1: To maintain relationships with existing or potential customers, ensuring that they continue to be informed about our products so that BETTINA VERMILLON can continue to develop its products based on our understanding of customer needs.

B1.2: To market products to potential customers, based on our knowledge of the needs of said customers, who would not otherwise have knowledge of the existence.

B1.3: To respond to requests or inquiries from existing or potential customers regarding BETTINA VERMILLON products.

The categories of personal data processed for this purpose are:

Personal details (surname, first name, address, email address, telephone number, age, gender, date of birth, shoe size)
The content of emails
Opinions expressed by individuals in relation to their company or sector.
The provision of this personal data by the data subject for this purpose is based on his or her own consent, without any contractual or legal obligation to do so.

We may also collect data from other sources for this purpose, including: the data subject's contacts with whom we have previously worked; press or other media information; content posted on social networks; investor relations presentations; publicly available industry information; industry conferences; and other networking activities.

The potential recipients of personal data collected for this purpose are all employees of BETTINA VERMILLON involved in business development activities.

Personal data processed for this purpose will be kept for a maximum period of 4 years from the date of the last contact with a person for business development purposes.

B2: The execution of customer orders

The legal basis for data processing is that it is necessary to execute a customer order. The categories of personal data processed for this purpose are:

Client contact information
The content of emails
Opinions expressed in connection with the execution of the order
Personal and financial data relating to customers
Personal data provided by a customer is completely at their discretion, without any legal or contractual obligation to do so.

The potential recipients of the personal data collected for this purpose are all BETTINA VERMILLON employees involved in order execution or customer relationship management.
Personal data processed for this purpose will be kept for a maximum period of 4 years, from the end of the period covered by the contract.


The GDPR creates a series of rights that you can assert in relation to any personal data that we process. You can read the full version of these rights at:

A list containing the most important elements of these rights is then detailed:

You have the right to ask whether we process your personal data, and if so, you may request (at no cost to you in most cases) a copy of all your personal data that we retain, as well as the details of the purpose of said processing.
You have the right to request correction of any personal data that we keep about you as soon as possible.
You have the right to request the erasure of any personal data that we keep about you as soon as possible, unless there is a major reason not to do so.



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