I am Lorraine Archambeaud, the founder and artistic director of Bettina Vermillon.
I was born in 1976 and I grew up between Tunisia, Argentina, Europe but also Japan for 10 years at the service of the brand Courrèges, a real clash of cultures and contrasts that fed my inspirations.

I am a designer, passionate about manufacturing, innovation and the craftsmanship of the hand.
I deeply believe that the shoe accessory is an accessory of life that transforms a woman, her looks and reveals who she is really, in motion, at the moment T. I also believe that to be good in his head, I must be good in my shoes.
So I made the choice of comfort: 95% of my collections will not above 8.5 cm high heels.
Then it’s up to me to work in this context to propose «simple and strong» designs.

My creative process is fairly simple.
I always work the drawings thinking about the materials directly because matter shapes volume, flexibility, and for what daily life it will be worn. Put the models in a life situation when they creation allows to think about every detail to make it really real.


Inspiring, profoundly modern, simply magnetic, she's the feel-good girl accomplished, optimistic and spontaneous, at ease with herself and her faults, which she assumes. She follows through on what she wants to achieve. She understands her time and lives it to the full. And she's far from alone.

She loves fashion, plays with it and never bluffs!

Bettina Vermillon IS more than she seems.



Today, I feel like a producer in the sustainable sense that each model must be designed to meet a need, a desire in a woman's everyday life. Daywear, eveningwear, hight heels and flats, for all ages.
I design my models by choosing materials and colors that take into account this daily life and that become more beautiful with the years.


To bring these values to life, I had to find a manufacturing partner who felt the same way. It's in Italy, and only in Italy, that you can find "that light Hand".
For 9 years, my pairs have been made by the same manufacturer, based in the Marche region.
He's familiar with my demands for quality and lasting fit for real everyday comfort. I've known his precise, shaping hands for so long that a genuine relationship of mutual respect has developed. Today, my models have proven their stability and well-being on a daily basis. I'm working on this precious asset while developing more and more flatter shapes too.

Made in Italy

Italian factory based in Milan

Chrome-free leather

No chromium in the tanning process

UNI 11427

Product certification for low environmental impact leathers

ICEC certification

Tannery certified in the environmental, ethical-social, economic and product areas

REACH regulation

Improve the protection of human health and the environment from chemical risks

Forest Stewardship Council

Care for the health and resilience of forests


Bettina Vermillon's CSR policy is based on specific commitments:

- A commitment to Italian suppliers and manufacturers
Bettina Vermillon makes it a point of honor to maintain close, loyal relationships with its suppliers, each of whom is committed to CSR and constant technological innovation.

- A carefully considered choice of materials: controlled traceability and production.
All our hides come from certified Italian tanneries that comply with strict European environmental standards.

- An awareness of the environmental impact of design
Depending on the model and its constraints, its comfort and the finishes chosen, each stage of design, manufacture and production is considered in the most sustainable way possible: choice of materials, choice of design, optimization of cuts to minimize leather scraps.

- Reduced, conscious packaging
We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our footwear packaging. That's why our boxes, covers, tissue paper and stationery are made exclusively by certified French and Italian manufacturers.

- Fewer chemicals
As part of our responsible approach to quality, we choose to use certain materials, such as washable, vegan or imitation leather, which we find more suitable for certain models. Our suppliers are also certified.