For this collection, we are taking you on a trip to the French Alps, somewhere around Chamonix, to discover the majestic beauty of ice, stone & water.

To discover the most pristine landscapes that France has to offer, we went on a journey of discovery. Following an 18 hour trip, we arrived at the bottom of a mountain, in the midst of a deserted landscape and a pounding blizzard, our surroundings were pure.

At the end of a very narrow pathway, we could see a small opening giving way to an ice grotto. 

Entering it, it was as if time had stopped, outside noise and lights were dimmed and we were projected into a rich and breathtaking scenery.

 The sharpness of the moutain carved its beauty into the glowing ice to create a enigmatic texture. A texture that made us think of clouds crashing into the glaciers only to find themselves etched in ice . 

As minutes went by, we became as chilled as our surroundings. Only the echo of our voices roamed free in this frozen universe, as if our voices were released and freed within this polar experience. 

This experience was a testimony of the power of nature and its ultimate beauty, an homage to our motherland and its treasures.